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The Ultimate Guide to Surviving SCP-173: The Sculpture That Kills

SCP-173: The Sculpture That Kills

If you are a fan of horror, sci-fi, or fantasy, you may have heard of the SCP Foundation, a fictional organization that secures, contains, and protects anomalous entities, objects, and phenomena that defy the laws of nature. Among the thousands of SCPs that the Foundation has cataloged, one of the most famous and terrifying is SCP-173, also known as The Sculpture. This article will tell you everything you need to know about this deadly creature, from its origin and appearance to its containment and incidents. You will also learn how to survive an encounter with SCP-173, if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

scp 173

What is SCP-173?

SCP-173 is the designation given by the SCP Foundation to a sculpture made of concrete, rebar, and spray-paint. It was the first SCP ever created and documented, and it is considered to be the progenitor of the entire SCP universe. It is classified as Euclid, meaning that it is unpredictable and difficult to contain, but not impossible or extremely dangerous.

The origin and history of SCP-173

The exact origin of SCP-173 is unknown, but it is believed to have been created by an anonymous artist in Japan in 1993. It was inspired by a sculpture called Untitled 1984 by Izumi Kato, which depicts a humanoid figure with a distorted face and limbs. The artist apparently imbued SCP-173 with some kind of anomalous power that made it animate and hostile when not observed. It was discovered by the Foundation after several reports of mysterious deaths in a warehouse where it was stored. The Foundation quickly secured the area and transported SCP-173 to a secure facility for further study.

The appearance and behavior of SCP-173

SCP-173 resembles a human-sized statue made of rough concrete. It has short arms and legs, a thin torso, and a large head with no eyes or nose. It has two large ears on the sides of its head, and a wide mouth with sharp teeth. Its body is covered with brown spray-paint that forms patterns resembling a face on its front and back. It also produces a reddish-brown substance that resembles blood and feces, which it leaves behind on the floor and walls of its containment cell.

SCP-173 is capable of moving at very high speeds when not observed by any living being. It will attempt to kill any person who breaks eye contact with it, even by blinking, by snapping their neck or strangling them. It seems to prefer killing humans over other animals, but it will attack anything that moves in its vicinity. It does not make any sound or show any signs of intelligence or emotion. It is unknown why it behaves this way or what its motives are.

The containment procedures of SCP-173

SCP-173 is contained in a standard 5m x 5m x 5m steel-reinforced concrete cell at Site-19, one of the main facilities of the Foundation. The cell is equipped with multiple cameras and sensors that monitor its position and activity at all times. The cell must be cleaned once every two weeks by a team of three D-class personnel (disposable convicts used for testing) who must maintain eye contact with SCP-173 at all times. Any failure to do so will result in immediate termination of the personnel involved.

Why is SCP-173 dangerous?

SCP-173 is dangerous for several reasons. First, it has an anomalous property that makes it immune to any physical damage or restraint. No matter how hard or heavy the material used to contain it is , it can break through it or escape from it when not observed. It can also move faster than any human or animal, making it impossible to outrun or evade. Second, it has a lethal instinct to kill any living being that sees it, even for a split second. It does not discriminate between friend or foe, and it does not spare anyone who tries to communicate or reason with it. It will snap their necks or strangle them with its arms, leaving no chance for survival. Third, it poses a serious ethical and moral dilemma for the Foundation and the world. It is not clear if SCP-173 is alive or sentient, or if it has any rights or feelings. It is also not clear if it is a natural phenomenon or an artificial creation, or if it has any purpose or meaning. Some people argue that SCP-173 should be destroyed or neutralized, while others argue that it should be preserved or studied. The Foundation has decided to keep SCP-173 contained and secure, but not to harm or exploit it.

How to survive SCP-173?

Surviving an encounter with SCP-173 is very difficult, but not impossible. Here are some tips and best practices that you should follow if you ever face this deadly sculpture:

  • Never break eye contact with SCP-173. This is the most important rule. As long as you keep looking at it, it will not move or attack you. However, this also means that you cannot blink, look away, or close your eyes. If you are with other people, you can take turns blinking, but make sure that someone is always watching SCP-173.

  • Stay away from SCP-173. The farther you are from SCP-173, the better. If you can, put some obstacles or barriers between you and SCP-173, such as walls, doors, furniture, etc. This will slow down its movement and give you more time to react. However, do not rely on these obstacles too much, as SCP-173 can break through them easily.

  • Do not provoke or taunt SCP-173. SCP-173 does not seem to have any emotions or personality, but it may react negatively to loud noises, bright lights, or insults. Do not try to anger or annoy SCP-173, as this may make it more aggressive or unpredictable.

  • Do not touch or approach SCP-173. SCP-173 does not like being touched or approached by anyone. It may perceive this as a threat or a challenge, and retaliate with more force and speed. Do not try to touch or hug SCP-173, even if you think it is cute or harmless.

  • Seek help from the Foundation. If you encounter SCP-173 outside of its containment cell, you should immediately contact the Foundation and report the situation. The Foundation will send a team of agents and researchers to secure and contain SCP-173 as soon as possible. Do not try to handle SCP-173 by yourself, as you may endanger yourself and others.


SCP-173 is one of the most famous and frightening SCPs in the world. It is a sculpture that can move and kill when not observed by any living being. It has no known origin, purpose, or motive, and it poses a great threat and challenge to the Foundation and humanity. However, by following some simple rules and precautions, you can survive an encounter with SCP-173 and live to tell the tale.

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  • Is SCP-173 real?

No, SCP-173 is not real. It is a fictional entity created by an anonymous writer on the internet in 2008. It is part of the SCP Foundation wiki, a collaborative online project that features thousands of stories and articles about anomalous phenomena and entities.

  • What is the brown substance that SCP-173 produces?

The brown substance that SCP-173 produces is a mixture of blood and feces that resembles peanut butter. It is unknown how or why SCP-173 produces this substance, or what its function is. The substance does not seem to have any anomalous properties or effects.

  • Can SCP-173 be killed?

No, SCP-173 cannot be killed by conventional means. It is immune to any physical damage or restraint, and it can regenerate from any injury or mutilation. The only way to stop SCP-173 from moving and killing is to keep observing it at all times.

  • What inspired SCP-173?

SCP-173 was inspired by a sculpture called Untitled 1984 by Izumi Kato, which depicts a humanoid figure with a distorted face and limbs. The author of SCP-173 also drew inspiration from the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, which are statues that can move and kill when not observed by anyone. The author also added some original elements and details to make SCP-173 more unique and terrifying.

  • Is SCP-173 related to SCP-096?

No, SCP-173 and SCP-096 are not related in any way. SCP-096 is another SCP that can kill people, but it has a different appearance, behavior, and origin. SCP-096 is a humanoid creature that becomes enraged and unstoppable when someone sees its face, even through a photograph or a video. SCP-096 will then hunt down and kill the person who saw its face, no matter where they are or how far they are. SCP-096 was discovered by the Foundation in the mountains of Canada, and it is classified as Keter, meaning that it is extremely dangerous and hard to contain.


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