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Connect to Your VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop with VMware Horizon Client 5.5.1 for Windows 10

Hello Carl one of our corporations are now on our domain and using Xendesktop windows 10, however a lot of them are connecting back to VMware horizon and using VMWARE remote via the xendesktop session, do you recommend we should use the latest front end horizon application and are there any similar optimizations which can be implemented similar to how our citrix team optimized the wifica32.exe for legacy XenApp 6.5 access from Xendesktop , The problem we have is constant high cpu usage usually around 30%

According to -62-view/index.jsp#com.vmware.horizon-view.desktops.doc/GUID-25820640-60C2-4B7D-AE3F-F023E32B3DAE.html, you can configure the RDP GPO setting to disable client drives. Or you can simply not select the feature when installing the View Agent.

vmware horizon client 5.5 1 download for windows 10

Some organizations might require that the process name of the Teams Optimization Pack be added to a firewall allowlist, to allow communication to the Microsoft Teams Cloud server. The process name is vmware-remotemks.exe on the client machine.

This page contains a list of products released by VMware. vTracker is automatically updated when new products are available to download (GA) at If you want to get notified about new VMware Products, subscribe to the RSS Feed. You can also use the JSON export to build your own tool. Feel free to comment when you have any feature requests.

ControlUp extends IT visibility into the digital experience of work-from-anywhere employees for EUC environments. Read here to learn more about this feature. To monitor client device metrics, download and deploy the relevant files onto the client device machines you want to monitor.


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